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The wide range of V3 products and solutions reflects the skillful balance of ergonomics and aesthetics involved at the time of designing and manufacturing. We understand how office furniture is a lot different from other household furniture, and how important it is to have proper workstations and desks to carry out efficient work. From storage to seating, we provide better solutions at work to bring out the best of productivity in your office, both comfortably and affordably. Take a look at the wide range of products that we offer.



Planscape - contemporary office interiors with affordable innovation

Planscape is a range of patented workstations from V3, which are designed to address the evolving business needs of modern work environments.

Benefits for you:

  • Modular design, easy-to-assemble components and faster installation
  • Versatile and Dynamic and can be customized to suit most work environments
  • Reduces long-term cost of ownership with flexible, strong and enduring multi-purpose partitioning office systems

Robust construction, enhanced comfort and reliable performance make Planscape ideal for your work environment. With Planscape, planning your office layouts becomes a pleasure.


Valuespace – value for money, office solutions

Valuespace workstations from V3 provide you value for your money. But we also ensure that you get a host of features, which make your workstation elegant and trendy.

Benefits for you:

  • A desk system that is economical, elegant and robust
  • The light-weight system supports easy shifting of workstations from one location to another
  • Excellent space management

In Valuespace we have incorporated the latest technology to help you configure and effectively utilize your office spaces and we guarantee that your investment pays off.

Vantage - versatility exemplified

Each Vantage workstation is a high performance system designed with flexible capabilities and world-class features. Adaptability and style are the hallmarks of Vantage. Each workstation is packed with a host of innovative features to suit varied office environments.


  • Exceptional levels of modularity
  • Option to create or re-configure office layouts with multi-use components which require minimal inventory management
  • Unique cable lay-in feature and complete metal tile system

With Vantage, you are assured of an agile and durable multi-purpose furniture system with a considerably reduced long-term cost of ownership.


Candor – amazing functionality

V3 Candor workstations are highly functional, sleek and elegant Aluminum Pole based Modular Office Systems.

Benefits for you:

  • Highly functional Modular Design
  • Easy assembly causes minimal disturbance in a live office environment
  • Faster and easy knock-down
  • Flat pack-transportation

Candor offers you the advantage of incorporating varying levels of horizontal expansion modules for flexible and lasting multi-purpose partitioning office systems.


Storage systems

Storage Systems from V3 offer compelling solutions that combine contemporary design with smart solutions to ensure effective utilization of space. Choose from a wide range of Doors, Shutters and Pedestals to suit your unique storage plans – each one merging space saving storage solutions with refined attraction for the modern office environment.


Cabin furniture

Executive furniture - style starts at the top

This is truly an impressive collection of furniture for the modern executive. The V3 range merges international trends with durability, for furniture that is sure to stand out from the clutter. Let the world know you have arrived.

Conference tables – enhancing your conferences

Discover an entire ensemble of Conference Tables from V3. The range of Conference Tables transcend conventional and staid themes - through a dexterous blend of material, technique and design - to conjure up elegant and exciting new concepts. Go ahead, stamp exclusivity and class.

Discussion tables – the point of discussion

The V3 range of Discussion Tables scores high on effective space utilization, innovative design and contemporary styling. They are crafted with precision, to complement diverse office decor. Go ahead, keep the dialogs coming.



Accessories - smart office essentials from V3

Thoughtfully designed to snugly fit into your office décor, these trendy accessories present intelligent ways to make the most of your office space; besides enhancing efficiency at the workplace.

Table Legs - a dash of dynamism

V3 thinks beyond purpose to offer office décor with some truly innovative ideas. Take your pick from a truly wide range of table legs – mix and match to create a new look as you desire.


V3 Seatz


V3 offers an array of chairs, to suit the most diverse work environments, bundled with V3’s commitment to quality and service. Our seating solutions include robust and comfortable executive chairs, computer or workstation chairs and visitor chairs with unique lumbar and spinal support:

Flair – Executive Chairs


Stir – Computer Chairs


Squire – Visitor Chairs


Tandem Seats


All products are packed with ergonomic features that allow the user to program the chair to complement individual body postures creating a comfortable workspace scenario. Added to this our luxurious chairs are available in a spectrum of colors, fabrics, meshes and finished edges.

We ensure that our chairs will go with your décor and add comfort functionally in any office space.

So feel at home in your office!


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