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Joint Ventures

Enduring relationships have been one of the driving factors for success at V3. This has resulted in building strong and productive alliances at home and abroad - enabling access to technology, expertise and enhanced learning.

High levels of transparency, open communication channels, collaborative effort and a shared passion for excellence constitute the core of each of these alliances.

The active involvement of the Joint Venture partner at various phases, from strategy to implementation, nurtures effective communication, facilitates knowledge transfer at all levels and creates efficient systems - platforms and processes that catalyze success of every project initiated.

Branch Offices

Intellectual Property Rights

At V3, nothing is by chance, and everything is by design. This belief exemplifies our consistent view on Intellectual Property Rights.

The abiding passion to innovate and the approach to new product development, to evolve with style and offer value has been amply rewarded through an impressive array of design patents – and our design teams are constantly striving to add more to the list.Several components that make V3 modular furniture unique and ergonomically excellent have been indigenously designed and patented.

List of patented designs:

  • Trims
  • Trim catch        
  • Vertical profiles
  • Horizontal profiles         
  • Frames 
  • Cable raceways 
  • Table - top support
  • End caps
  • Horizontal + Vertical Connectors
  • Horizontal + Horizontal Connectors
  • Horizontal + Horizontal ‘T’ Connectors

The Candor, Vantage and Value Space furniture series are in the process of being allotted patents.