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The wide and affordable range of offerings like bedroom furniture, Kitchen interiors and accessories, doors, plans and layouts not only add to the convenience but also become style statements owing to their lustrous designs and fashionable looks. Take a look at the products and we will help you choose the best for you.


Elan Kitchen

Elan Kitchen Your kitchen is the heart of your home. An ideal kitchen is one that looks, feels and absolutely belongs, a kitchen that evolves with your changing needs and lifestyle. V3 presents you with Elan – our range of world class kitchens at envious prices – Made for India.

We understand the unique needs of Indian cooking:

  • We make five dishes for each meal
  • Our meals are always fresh, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • An Indian homemaker spends a minimum of six hours in the kitchen – a full time job
  • We use a mind boggling amount of ingredients
  • Our food requires a lot of chopping, grinding, frying and cooking

And we give you a kitchen that is perfect for you. Our range of modular smart kitchens will win you over with these advantages:

  • Excellent space optimization
  • Winning looks with a dash of contemporary fashion
  • Fitted with the best of accessories for a trendy kitchen
  • Seamless integration with kitchen appliances like Exhaust Hoods, Chimneys and Hobs
  • Flexibility to expand or reduce the size
  • Minimal maintenance and high on durability
  • Completely replaceable and easy repair with impeccable service warranties
  • Available in a range of Colors from red to blue and ebony to ivory reflecting our varying cultures, tastes and choices
  • Giving you more time for yourself

Choose from our extensive array of Layout Plans, Utility Plans and stunningly attractive Finished Modular Kitchens; or take your pick from an entire collection of Fixtures, Accessories and Basic Standardization.

Layout plans

With our range of innovative layouts, planning the best kitchen is so easy. Kitchen ideas from Élan combine style and material, and offer a variety of combinations to make the kitchen of your dreams, a reality.

Utility plans

At V3, usability drives the design of our modern kitchens, and defines the various utility zones of the kitchen:

  • Consumables: Contains food - rice, tinned goods, pasta and refrigerated food
  • Non Consumables: Stores dishes, glasses, and cutlery
  • Cleaning: This "wet zone" includes the sink, dishwasher, household cleaners, utensils and a waste collector
  • Preparation: Houses kitchen utensils, electrical appliances, spices and items required during preparation
  • Cooking: Consists of the hob, oven, steamer, microwave, exhaust fan, pots and pans, cooking utensils and baking trays

Basic standardization

You know exactly what makes your kitchen perfect. We help you realize that. Through years of research and a legacy of design expertise, V3 HomeZone has successfully created a wide range of kitchen plans, standardized after careful testing and meticulous attention to user feedback.

We have developed basic stand-alone modules of the V3 Elan range as per international standards. You have the option of mixing and matching different modules based on the availability of space, design requirements and kitchen layout to make a complete Modular kitchen.



Accessories define the personality of your kitchen. Picking and choosing the perfect accessories will give functional convenience, reduce your costs and enhance the design of your kitchen. All modules of our V3 Elan Kitchen are designed to accommodate any type of accessories available from brands of international repute and standards.

Quality and safety

V3 is an ISO-9001: 2008 certified company and we ensure flawless Quality through a robust Quality Management System overseeing all aspects of material selection, production and execution. All measurements of our furniture correspond to the Indian taste and style. Safety is of utmost importance and we rigorously follow the safety requirements and test processes for integrated and free standing kitchen units and worktops.


Vesture Wardrobes

Stylish and highly functional wardrobes enhance the utility levels of your personal spaces. Our Vesture range combines international standards and has been designed for varied Indian uniqueness. Optimal utilization of space, low maintenance and durability are hallmarks of our Vesture range.

Our portfolio includes Wardrobes, Modules, Bedside Tables, and Lofts. You can mix and match various components to reflect your personality.

We give you wardrobes that are purpose designed and tailored to your individual design and storage needs, providing you with the right solution, whether they are in your bedroom or family room. Our wardrobes reflect who you are and cater to your lifestyle. Key advantages:

  • Excellent storage properties
  • Seamlessly blends with your interiors
  • Low maintenance
  • Optimizes space
  • High on aesthetics

After all, all we do is help you personalize your own spaces.



We provide you with unbelievable flexibility to change the outline of your bedroom with our range of modules. You can experiment with a variety of permutations and combinations till you find the perfect match.


Artistic storage ideas, Lofts from V3 are designed to maximize space utilization and yet integrate smoothly into the overall environment. We also give you enough space to store the things that you never wanted to throw away, because at V3 we value your sentiments.


V3 Dorz

Bid good bye to the conventional style!

The Dorz range from V3 offers factory-made, pre-finished comprehensive solutions for internal door systems for both residential projects and commercial projects.

The Dorz Advantage:

  • Light weight compared to conventional doors
  • Dimensions stay stable under differing weather conditions
  • User – friendly modular onetime installation of both frames and doors
  • No damage to the floors or walls during installation
  • In-built features to accommodate gaps (up to 10mm) between frame and wall
  • Wide range of sizes, elevations and finishes

V3 Dorz for Residential Projects

V3 Dorz adds that special touch of exclusivity to residential projects with a wide variety of models, types and shades to choose from. V3 Dorz is present in a range of hard wood frames and shutters. Shutters are available in various options to complement the interior or create that special ambience:

  • High Pressure Laminate
  • HDF Panel
  • Prelam
  • Plywood Skin
  • MDF Membrane Natural Veneer

Frames are made from the best seasoned timber for an enduring finish and durability and are available in:

  • African Timber
  • Burma Teak
  • Red Meranti
  • Other hard woods

V3 Dorz for Commercial Office spaces

V3 Dorz Solutions is a special fast track service for commercial office spaces. Our association with reputed international Door Hardware brands enables us to deliver comprehensive solutions at short notice. You can select from the extensive range of V3 door hardware or provide a sample hardware set and our production teams will incorporate the drills and holes as required. The fact that standard doors can be delivered within four to six weeks, post order, shows that at V3, we understand your value for time.


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