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About V3

We are a quality conscious furniture solutions company delivering value for 23 years.
At V3, we transform conventional spaces into smart, functional offices, warm, welcoming homes, and trendy, vibrant interiors.

V3 core philosophy is rooted in Indian values with global product thinking to provide quality that lasts a lifetime. With our deep knowledge of local needs, we provide comprehensive solutions that demand a fine fusion of design, technology and insight.

Better Solutions at Work
V3 provides solutions that blend style with substance, and form with function. Through our OfficeZone, HomeZone and Interiorz divisions; with products and services that span the office, home and commercial spaces, our work effectively mirrors the organizational credo – Better solutions at work.

First Indian ISO Company
V3 has always been quality conscious; it is the first Indian company to have an ISO 9001:2008 certification for furniture solutions.V3  solutions are customized for the Indian weather and lifestyle and every product that is crafted goes through a lot of research, right from selecting the wood, to the design, implementation and manufacturing.



The roadmap for the future is one that promises to be eventful. Besides the extensive portfolio of products and services currently on offer, V3 will have a full complement of solution offerings for the three primary verticals – V3 OfficeZone, V3 HomeZone and V3 Interiorz.

OfficeZone and Interiorz offer products and services through various branches and established business associates. HomeZone offerings will be through branded franchisee outlets pan India.

The key aspects of our roadmap are persistent uniqueness in design and development, making luxury affordable and providing lifetime value. V3 provides furniture and interior decor solutions that suit the consumer, providing variety and lifetime value.

Through OfficeZone, HomeZone and Interiorz divisions, V3 crafts work spaces that motivate, home solutions that comfort, and interiors that inspire. V3 combines trends and substance relentlessly to provide you with comprehensive, stylish and elegant solutions.

Today, V3 is a pioneer in the furniture industry primarily because of its insight into the consumer psyche. It is the evolving consumer's need that drives V3 to constantly innovate and deliver with excellence, combining style, substance, and form with function.

From crafting work zones that motivate to home solutions that comfort, to an impressive array of interiors that inspire, V3 is constantly innovating with the customer in mind.


To be a global organization delivering the best value for direct and indirect stake holders by adopting robust, ethical and exemplary management policies.


At V3, there is more to business than mere top lines and bottom lines. Ethical business conduct, transparency, financial discipline, high levels of professionalism, and the spirit of teamwork constitute the core values of the organization.